body structure types

Let’s know the body structure types before we start our workout regime. It is essential to comprehend and plan our daily exercise appropriately.

Overview of Body Structure Types

As you can analyze from the above-mentioned statement that in general is of three types that is Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. Your diet and workout play an important role in developing as well as maintaining your physique. So it’s not an rocket science to identify your body structure types just have a look on body structure you are in. Why is it important to understand our body structure types? To answer that I would like to share an example if leopard starts consuming 10 ltr milk, 100kg food on daily basis then what will be the end result in his competency i.e fastest animal will be miserably ruined and his performance will dip drastically. Likewise, it implies humans as well. Now, let’s take a deeper look to understand the anatomy behind body structure types.



In simple word any human being with a lean, delicate build of the body with small joints and lean muscle is considered to have an Ectomorph body structure type.

Usually traits in an Ectomorph:

  • Skinny
  • Linear physique
  • Flat chest
  • Small butts
  • Lean muscle mass

A person having Ectomorph body structure type find it very difficult to gain muscle easily and they need a good amount of nutrients included in their diet to gain muscle mass or weight.


Muscular development in Mesomorph structure is greater than average muscular development. It is very easy to gain and develop muscles in Mesomorph structure as the availability of testosterone and growth hormone is dominant in body development. As its self-explanatory middle structure in Endomorph and Ectomorph.

Usually traits in Mesomorph

  • Massive head
  • Muscular chest
  • Broad shoulders
  • Heavily muscle arms and legs
  • Minimal body fat
  • Small Waist

Mesomorph body structure has a bright scope in bodybuilding or physique competitions.


The body consists of a lot of fat with bulk muscle gain. Especially storing fuel, with muscle and fat concentrated in the lower body. Managing Endomorph body type is the hardest with respect to body weight and fitness. If you are planning to lose those extra pounds then it will be very tough as Endomorph have low carbohydrate tolerance and insulin dominant characteristics.

Usually traits in Endomorph:

  • Wider waist
  • Round shape body
  • Arms and legs are thick
  • Low muscle definition
  • Slow metabolism
  • Large bone structure

Endomorph body structure person should focus on more cardio and minimal intake of carbohydrates in the diet to get the best results.

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