Overview of Nilavembu

Nilavembu is a small herb plant that has been used since many decades because of its medicinal value to treat fever, malaria, chronic fever, dengue fever, chikungunya and all diseases in which fever is the main symptom. It tastes very bitter and grows up to half to a meter high. The plant contains white color flowers with specks of purple. Nilavembu is a native of India and Sri Lanka however, it is also found in Southeast Asia, China, America, and the West Indies. Recent studies have shown the evidence of treating constipation, intestinal parasites, blood disorders, and skin diseases.

Actions of Nilavembu

Nilavembu has various properties which help the body to recover as well as cure of the ailments such as Antipyretic, Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic and Body Cleansing. Each property has been specified in detail underneath:

  1. Antipyretic – It minimizes the warm temperature of the body and alleviates the normal temperature of the body naturally
  2. Anti-inflammatory – Helps in curing the inflammation caused by the disease the on body
  3. Analgesic – You can reduce the pain in the body caused by the ailment
  4. Body cleansing – Helps in reducing the toxicity in the blood, liver, and spleen for pathogenic endotoxins

Composition of Nilavembu

Nilavembu contains many Bio-active elements such as terpenoids, flavonoids, noriridoides, polyphenols, and xanthones which make it the king of the nasty herbs. Andrographolide is the key element to cure all the ailments associated with its benefit and is present around 81-186 milligram per gram (mg/g) to 43.16 mg/g in flowers.

Medicinal Use of Nilavembu

In recent times, Nilavembu has shown tremendous results in curing critical ailments. Many pharma companies are trying to get the patent for the herb composition in the form of tablet and syrup. Some of the known results to cure ailments have been specified here:

  1. Malaria – If the doctor has diagnosed malaria symptoms in your body than don’t worry as nilavembu herb can cure malaria naturally because of its anti-parasitic action properties.
  2. Dengue – Andrographolide is the key component in the herb which has shown the potent antiviral and inhibitory effects on dengue virus within a few days of usage.
  3. Chikungunya – It helps in reducing and preventing the fever, joint pain, and muscle pain caused by chikungunya. Nilavembu has shown significant results in reviving the body from after effects of chikungunya as well such as muscular pain, severe joint pain, and loss of appetite.
  4. Intermittent Fever –Toxin is produced in the body due to indigestion and infection caused by it, Nilavembu acts as a natural herb to eliminate the toxin out of the body.
  5. Loss of Appetite – Many factors affect the appetite in our bodies such as liver infection, indigestion, and improper secretion of the bile. Nilavembu improves the liver function because of its cholagogue properties to revive the appetite naturally.
  6. Liver Disorders – Nilavembu has shown hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which helps in reducing the triglycerides and other lipids in the liver cells to cure liver disorder such as fatty liver, liver damage and inflammation in the liver.
  7. Snake Bite – It neutralizes the snake venom and elevates the chances of survival due to its body cleansing properties.
  8. Respiratory Tract Diseases – Consuming Nilavembu enhance the immunity level of the body to naturally combat respiratory tract diseases such as a cough, cold, and sore throat as proven in the research done recently.
  9. Anti Diabetic – Andrographolide and didehydroandrographolide are the key compositions of nilavembu which helps in reducing blood sugar level.
  10. Anti Allergic – Nilavembu has shown significant results in curing allergic attacks such as skin rashes, intolerable itching, and reddishness in the body.

Dosage of Nilavembu

Nilavembu dosage depends upon the various factors such as age, gender, health condition, weight, and criticality of the ailment. It is advisable to take Nilavembu twice a day before meals with lukewarm water. You can purchase the powder or juice of nilavembu herb through the online and nearby market. We have specified the general dosage of Nilavembu juice and powder separately underneath:
Nilavembu Powder Dosage –

Children (Above 5 years) 250 – 1000 mg
Adults 1 – 3 gms

Nilavembu Juice Dosage –

Children (Above 5 years) 5 ml
Adults 10 ml

Side effects of Nilavembu

Research has not shown any significant adverse effects on health however, some studies claim that it has anti-fertility properties on men and severe effects on the health of pregnant women such as miscarriage. High dosage of Nilavembu should be avoided as it is strictly recommended to maximum consumption of 6 grams in powder form and 20 ml in juice form per day.
Disclaimer: Nothing in this article is to be construed as medical advice, nor it is intended to replace the recommendations of a medical professional. For specific questions, please consult a specialist for the advice.

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