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“If you think time flies, you haven’t held a plank yesterday.” This article will provide you the overview of plank exercise, the variation you can do, its benefit and precaution when doing it.

Overview of Plank Exercise

It’s an isometric core strength exercise that includes keeping up a position like a push-up for the greatest conceivable time. It is extraordinary compared to other activities you can improve the situation your core since it fabricates isometric strength to help shape your waistline and enhance your stance. What’s more, contingent upon the kind of plank you attempt, you can likewise engage with your back, arms, shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings.

Variations of Plank Exercise

Varieties of it give distinctive challenge and work the various muscle. Some of the common variations are listed below:

Plank Up/Downs – It’s particularly useful for an additional challenge on a core area. Not exclusively does this development hoist your heart rate, it likewise works your chest, shoulders, back, and triceps


Step by step instructions to do it:

  • Begin in the fully-extended plank position, and then lower one arm at a time into elbow-plank position
  • Pause for 1 second in the elbow-plank position, and then (again, one arm at a time) push your way back up to fully extended plank position
  • Repeat this up/down sequence for 30-60 seconds. This should be a quick motion, where you’re aiming to get from elevated to elbow plank and back up in a quick “1, 2, 3, 4” count before going back down again.

Tip: Your hips shouldn’t turn when you’re climbing and down. The key is to keep your glutes tight and keep up an impartial spine all through the movement, despite the fact that you’re going from hands to elbows. Your abdominal area ought to be the main thing in making quick developments.

Plank Jacks – It’s an awesome cardio move; it raises the heart rate while working both your lower and abdominal area


Step by step instructions to do it:

  • Instead of jumping both legs out at the same time, walk your right leg out to the side, walk you’re left out to the side, and then bring both backs in
  • Repeat this for the 30-60 seconds per set.

Tip: Keep your abdominal area stationary the whole time. Try not to bounce out with your arms as you do with your legs. Hoping to make it much additionally difficult, include a circle band ideal above or underneath your knees. This will challenge your glutes and stabilize muscles.

Push plank with side-plank rotation – We all know how marvelous push-ups are for general strength, so consolidate a push-up with a side-plank turn to work your whole body. You’re actually getting in an aggregate body exercise with this push-up to side-plank revolution combo. Your core is locked in, the greater part of your abdominal area is working with each push-up, and your lower body is locked in significantly more when you’re in that position.


Step by step instructions to do it:

  • Do one push-up and then rotate to a side plank.
  • Do another push-up, and rotate to the other side.
  • Alternate sides for a full minute per set.
  • Once 3-5 sets at a minute begin to feel easy, add in a push-up to side plank with leg raise

Tip: On the off chance that this combo sounds excessively insane, start from a changed push-up position on your knees. In any case, play out an adjusted side-plank pivot from the knee position. Fabricate your quality and coordination here, at that point work up to one, two, and three arrangements of it.

Alternating Arm and Leg Raise Plank – Incorporate this into your core training for a great abdomen and lower-back workout. You’ll improve your strength, balance, and coordination as you alternate extending one arm and one leg at the same time.


Step by step instructions to do it:

  • Begin in an elevated-plank position, and extend your left arm straight forward at shoulder level
  • Extend your right leg straight back behind you, going no higher than hip level. Keep your abs and glutes tight
  • Repeat on the opposite side
  • Do it for 30 seconds per side, switching from one side to the next without any rest in between

Precautions of Plank Exercise

  1. Extreme angling of the spine
  2. Glute in the air
  3. Shoulders behind hands
  4. Looking straight ahead or up

Benefits of Plank Exercise

  1. Improve core definition and performance
  2. Decrease your risk of injury in the back and spinal column
  3. Increased boost to your overall metabolism
  4. Improve your posture
  5. Improve overall balance
  6. More flexibility
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