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rajahpravartan vati 
Rajahpravartan Vati Composition | Benefits | Side Effects | Dosage

Overview of Rajahpravartan Vati Rajahpravartan Vati is an Ayurvedic medicine used to treat female problems such as menstrual problems, amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, and dysmenorrheal. It is recommended to stimulate the ovarian and uterus function. Recent studies have shown tremendous results in woman health due to the composition of herbs. You can neutralize and promote the menstrual discharge […]

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saptamrit lauh
Saptamrit Lauh | Benefits | Side Effects | Dosage | Availability

Overview of Saptamrit Lauh Saptamrit Lauh is an ayurvedic medicine and is used in the treatment of several health problems such as dizziness, acidity, eyesight, gas, nausea, fever, anemia, hair loss, and skin problems. It contains the high quality and purest form of Yashti which makes it the best formulation in the market. You can […]

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ekangveer ras
Ekangveer Ras | Composition | Benefits | Side effects | Dosage | Availability

Disclaimer: Nothing in this article is to be construed as medical advice, nor it is intended to replace the recommendations of a medical professional. For specific questions, please consult a specialist for the advice,

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divya stri rasayan vati 
Divya Stri Rasayan Vati | Compositions | Benefits | Side Effects | Dosage Overview of Divya Stri Rasayan Vati Divya Stri Rasayan Vati is used to treat gynecological problems especially menstrual disorders such as excess bleeding, pain, and congestion. Several factors can cause gynecological problems however, using Divya Stri Rasayan Vati can prevent and treat such disorders naturally. Recent studies have shown positive results in curing women health [...]
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pushyanug churna
Pushyanug Churna | Composition | Benefits | Side Effects | Dosage

Overview of Pushyanug Churna Pushyanug Churna is used to treat excessive bleeding disorders such as Menorrhagia, Metrorrhagia, Leucorrhoea, Haemorrhoids, and Menstrual disorder. It contains the vital formulation of herbs which works on plasma, blood, muscles, and reproductive system. Pushyanug Churna is astringent, pungent, sweet and bitter in taste. It is strictly recommended to use Pushyanug Churna […]

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gokshura guggulu
Gokshura Guggulu | Composition | Benefits | Side Effects | Dosage

Overview of Gokshuradi Guggulu Are you facing urinary tract infection or kidney problem and have tried all medications than Gokshura Guggulu is for you. It helps in improving kidney function and reducing the risk of urinary infections. Gokshura Guggulu has anti-inflammatory, antilithiatic, anti-arthritic, anti-gout, analgesic, and muscle relaxant properties because of the formulation of various herbs. Several […]

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