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Want to control Hair fall with simple home remedies and know the trigger for hair fall

Hair fall is one of the most common problems we face today. It is common in both men and women. Lets, understand the causes for hair fall and its remedies. Overview of Hair Fall Hair fall or loss, also known as alopecia or baldness, refers to a loss of hair from part of the head or […]

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8 Remedies to cure Indigestion, its symptoms and overview

Most people have indigestion at some point. Usually, it’s not a sign of anything more serious and you can treat it yourself. Find out the reason for it and cure it with natural remedies. Overview of Indigestion Indigestion also has known as dyspepsia or an upset stomach — is a general term that describes uneasiness […]

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10 Natural remedies to get rid of Blemish and look stunning with confidence

Blemish can ruin one’s appearance resulting in lowering the confidence of a person. To avoid this situation read this article, to find out the overview of blemish, its causes, and remedies for it. Overview of Blemish A dark mark or skin discoloration that makes something imperfect or less beautiful is known as a blemish.  It […]

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12 Food items to boost Testosterone naturally for best benefits

Testosterone is the key male sex hormone that regulates fertility, muscle mass, fat distribution, and red blood cell production. This article will explore the overview of testosterone, benefits and how to boost it naturally. Overview of Testosterone Testosterone levels generally peak during adolescence and early adulthood. As you get older, your testosterone level gradually declines […]

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Nilavembu | Overview | Actions | Composition | Usage | Dosage | Side Effects

Overview of Nilavembu Nilavembu is a small herb plant that has been used since many decades because of its medicinal value to treat fever, malaria, chronic fever, dengue fever, chikungunya and all diseases in which fever is the main symptom. It tastes very bitter and grows up to half to a meter high. The plant […]

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10 Simple natural remedies to get rid of Dark Circles around eyes

It can affect both men and women. If you have dark circles under the eyes and worried that you are going to be stuck with them forever then you have mistaken as dark circles can be treated with simple remedies at home. Causes for under eye dark circles We all ask this question why I […]

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