Serratus Anterior Training

Overview of Serratus Anterior

The dazzling looking lines appearing exactly above your adorable six pack abs are called the serratus anterior muscles. The serratus front is a group of muscles, made up of upper and lower digitations, that starts on the upper eight or nine ribs and embeds on the foremost piece of the average fringe of the scapula. The muscle group has a few functions, including the abduction of the scapula and elevation of the scapula.

Training Serratus Anterior

We have shortlisted the 5 best training techniques to develop the Serratus anterior here:

Incline Barbell Straight Arm Raise

The purpose is to target the serratus front muscles with isolation for better development.

How to do it: Adjust the incline bench seat to a forty-five-degree point. Get the barbell with your hands utilizing an overhand grasp that is marginally more extensive than shoulder width. Keep your arms straight all through the activity. Move the barbell marginally upward by raising your shoulders. Move the barbell down to the starting position by bringing down your shoulders.

Flat Dumbbell Pullover

The purpose is to target the serratus anterior, pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi, along with several other muscles.

How to do it: Adjust the flat bench, grab the dumbbell with the two hands under one end of the dumbbell and lay your back on the seat. Position the dumbbell over your chest with your arms completely straight, keeping a slight curve in your elbows. Move the dumbbell behind your head until the point when your upper arms are about parallel to the floor. Move the dumbbell up to the starting position.

Push Ups

The purpose is to target serratus anterior, pectoralis major, anterior deltoids and triceps brachii especially focusing on serratus anterior.

How to do it: To start by putting your hands on the ground at a separation that is somewhat more extensive than shoulder-width apart and with your arms straight. Place your feet on the ground with your legs expanded. Keep your hips off the ground all through the development. Bring your middle down toward the ground by bowing your elbows. Bring your torso back up to the start by extending your elbows.

Cable Pulley or Stretch

The purpose is to target the serratus anterior muscles for better shape and sharpen the muscle mass.

How to do it: Sit on the mat and grasp the pulley bar with one hand. Slowly start stretching your hands in the opposite direction to pull the weight. After completing the recommended repetitions for one side, train another side as well.

Serratus Cable Crunch

To sharpen the anterior muscles we recommend this exercise for you.

How to do it: Stand sideways to a high link with a D-handle. If your left side is facing the handle, reach up with your left hand and grab it. Place your right hand on the left serratus, it will help you target the serratus anterior and contract it. Bend in the opposite direction to get a full stretch, then “crunch” the serratus down and forward slightly. Hold the posture for a few seconds to contract the muscle.

Benefits of Serratus Anterior

Serratus Anterior have numerous health benefits as reported in the recent studies. We have specified some of the common benefits underneath:

  • Serratus Anterior improve the breathing as they support the ribcage in the breathing process
  • It improves the scapula movement by strengthening the muscles
  • You can lift more weight overhead as it gives support for lifting more weight
  • You can reduce the waist size by developing serratus muscles

Precautions/Mistakes of training Serratus Anterior

We all do some common mistakes and forgot to take precautions while training serratus muscles. We have specified some of the common precautions and mistakes underneath:

  • Not taking enough recovery time to the body to enhance the performance
  • Cheating the technique to lift more weight
  • Overtraining the muscles for better results
  • Isolating the movement is key advice for best results however, we tend to forget this and cheat the training
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