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passion fruit
Passion fruit | Health benefits | Side effects | Nutritional facts Overview of Passion fruit Passion fruit belongs to Passiflora family and is native to southern Brazil and northern Argentina, however; it is cultivated across the globe due to the increasing demand in the market. It contains a high amount of nutrition such as vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, iron, potassium, copper, magnesium, protein, carotenoids, and [...]
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red banana
10 Astonishing health benefits of Red Banana you should know

Overview of Red Banana We all know the nutritional and health benefits of yellow banana which is very common and easily available in the market, however; in recent time Red Banana has gained the awareness and recognition due to the power packed nutrition that can do wonders in improving your overall health. It belongs to […]

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Rambutan | Overview | Nutritional Value | Health Benefits | Side Effects

Overview of Rambutan Rambutan is botanically known as the Nephellium Lappaceum and is native to Indonesian region. However, it is cultivated across the globe in warm tropical climatic weather conditions in various countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Africa, Mexico, Caribbean, India, Panama, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. It belongs to the family of Sapindaceae and tree […]

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dragon fruit
Dragon Fruit | Overview | Nutritional Value | Health Benefits | Side Effects

Overview of Dragon Fruit Dragon Fruit is known as Pitaya and is indigenous to America however, it is cultivated in Australia, Southeast Asia, Florida, and the Carribean. It is considered to be one of the exotic fruit because of its appearance of pink rosebud with white flush and black seeds inside the fruit. Pitaya belongs to the cactus […]

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Avocado | Nutritional value | Health benefits | Side effects

Overview of Avocado Avocado is scientifically known as the “Persea Americana” and is associated with the family of Lauraceae. It grows in many shapes such as pear-shaped, egg or oval shaped and a fully grown tree of avocado can grow up to 15 – 20 feet.  Avocado can be cultivated in the Mediterranean areas especially […]

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Figs a powerhouse of benefits | Nutritional Value | Health Benefits | Side Effects

Overview of Figs Figs are scientifically known as Ficus Carica and come from species of flowering plant in the mulberry family. It is native to the middle east and western Asia however, it is available worldwide with great demand for consumption and other uses. Figs are commonly known as ‘Anjeer”. Ficus Carica grows to the […]

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