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Want to know about LISS (Low-Intensity Sustained State) Training Module

Overview LISS stands for Low-Intensity Sustained State any cardio-and vigorous based action that is performed at a low power yet for a delayed period (regularly 30 minutes to an hour). Think of running, swimming, biking to work, or going for a lively walk. it is any type of low-power cardio where you keep up a […]

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Everything Thing you want to know about Swimming

Overview Swimming is a movement that burns a lot of calories, is easy on the joints, support your weight, builds muscular strength and endurance. It likewise enhances cardiovascular fitness, chills you and revives you in summer, and is an incredible recreational activity for people of all ages. Swimming is the propulsion of the body through […]

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Crossfit Benefits and Disadvantages | Crossfit Exercises To Lose Belly Fat
Crossfit: 6 surprising benefits and precautions you should know

Overview Crossfit is a high-intensity, constantly varied, functional movement exercise program. Crossfit exercises may even be done completely with no gear or included weights, albeit a few people will utilize weights for specific developments. Crossfit is a type of strength and conditioning workout that uses your own bodyweight for resistance in order to build power […]

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