LISS stands for Low-Intensity Sustained State any cardio-and vigorous based action that is performed at a low power yet for a delayed period (regularly 30 minutes to an hour). Think of running, swimming, biking to work, or going for a lively walk. it is any type of low-power cardio where you keep up a similar pace for a set timeframe. This sort of cardio raises your heart rate moderately, whereas your body keeps on burning fat even after you have stopped working out. On the off chance that you are hoping to develop your fitness or haven’t practiced in a while, LISS is an awesome method to do. In addition to the fact that it is easy to do, yet it is a simple addition to your activity schedule. This is because LISS generally does not place a lot of strain on your body, meaning it may be done several times per week. Basically, LISS includes elevating your heart rate with movement, yet not releasing it past 50 percent of your most extreme heart rate, and after that keeping it there for a broadened timeframe (no less than 30 minutes).


Fitness experts have done numerous research to identify the benefits of LISS. Some of the known benefits are specified here:

  1. Elevating your Oxygen level in the body – As fat needs oxygen in order to be broken down, by doing this type of fitness regime you can pump more oxygen to your body and the more fat you may burn
  2. Lower risk of injuries – As you do a workout at the low pace your risk for injuries gets to minimal. You will have a low impact on joints especially to knees
  3. Boost cardiovascular endurance – As it helps to lower your heart rate, and even strengthening your heart at a low pace
  4. Ideal recovery day workout – If you are planning to do a workout on rest day LISS is the option for you.
  5. Prolonged results – If you are planning for longer results LISS is the workout plan for you
  6. Burns calories – It helps in burning calories at a steady level
  7. Recovery time – As LISS workout is done at a low pace so your recovery time gets minimal
  8. Anywhere/Anytime workout plan – You can plan it anywhere or any time of the day. No need to have equipment or machines to plan it


Although LISS doesn’t have any adverse effects on health and fitness level. However, a few drawbacks of LISS are specified here:

  1. Slow weight loss training plan – If your target is to lose fat or weight in a short period of time then LISS is not an ideal choice of a workout as per your requirement. As its a moderate weight reduction training plan
  2. Impact on metabolism – It may reduce your metabolism in the long-run
  3. Lacks in muscle building – It will not help your body build muscle
  4. Time efficiency – It is not recommended to opt LISS training plan  if you have limited time for a workout as it needs around 30-60 minutes to complete the training plan
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