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Overview of BGR 34 tablet

BGR 34 is a clinically recognized Ayurvedic medicine by the government of India laboratories such as National Botanical Research Institute (NBR) and Central Institute for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP). It was launched commercially in 2016, however; it is considered to be the best formulation for Diabetes type II. BGR is manufactured by AIMIL pharmaceuticals a renowned Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer since 1984. BGR stands for Blood Glucose Regulator 34 Active Ingredients that have shown the positive results in controlling the blood glucose level and secretion of insulin in the pancreas. It contains the aqueous extracts and powders of ayurvedic medicinal plants which are being used since ages for the treatment of Diabetes type II. Moreover, it is loaded with numerous medicinal properties such as antidiabetic, antihyperglycemic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antipruritics, antibacterial, antimicrobial, carminative, and adaptogenic properties as reported in various studies.

It is recommended to store it in a cool or dry place with no direct sunlight. You can easily purchase it through the online or nearby store at a nominal cost of INR 500 and USD 10.

Ingredients of BGR 34 Tablet

BGR 34 contains the high-quality ingredients of natural herbs and extracts in a predefined process of manufacturing the tablets and each tablet is of 620 mg as reported in the packaging of BGR 34. We have specified the general ingredients underneath:

Ingredients Quantity
Berberis Aristata 1150 mg
Pterocarpus Marsupium 400 mg
Gymnema Sylvestre 400 mg
Rubia Cordifolia 375 mg
Trigonella Foenum 350 mg
Tinospora Cordifolia 350 mg
Asphaltum 10 mg

Other ingredients:

  • Sodium Methylparaben
  • Sodium Propylparaben

**Above mentioned ingredients may vary from the actual product.

BGR 34 tablet benefits

BGR 34 has shown the tremendous results in controlling the Diabetes type II if used regularly or as prescribed by the specialist. It converts the proinsulin to insulin thereby increasing the amount of active functional insulin level. Similarly, BGR 34 tablet improve the function of the pancreas and absorption of glucose to prevent any complications. Few studies suggest that it prevents frequent damage from the free radicals which damage the healthy cells and blocks the production of cells due to the properties of anti-oxidant. Moreover, it reduces the level of glycosylated Hb to prevent any severe complication due to Diabetes type II. We all know that diabetes can’t be cured completely it can only be managed by a few precautions and medicines like BGR 34 because it is loaded with high-quality phytonutrients that nourish and strengthens the vital organs of the body.

Side effects of BGR 34

BGR 34 is safe and well tolerated by the individuals, however; few studies suggest the severe side effect due to overdosage or intolerance to any of the ingredients and we have specified some of the commonly reported side effects underneath:

  • Indigestion
  • Acid reflux
  • Constipation
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • High blood pressure
  • Low blood sugar level
  • Palpitation
  • Burning sensation

**It is recommended to discontinue the use immediately if you observe any of above-mentioned symptoms.
*The pregnant and lactating woman should avoid using it.

Dosage of BGR 34 tablet

BGR 34 dosage depends upon several factors such as height, weight, age, and severity of the problem, however; we have specified the general dosage underneath:

  • 1 Tablet
  • Twice a day
  • With lukewarm water
  • Before meals

Note: Maximum allowed dosage is 6 Tablets in a day and should not be exceeded to avoid any complication.

Buy BGR 34

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Disclaimer: Nothing in this article is to be construed as medical advice, nor it is intended to replace the recommendations of a medical professional. For specific questions, please consult a specialist for the advice.

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