black salt (kala namak)

Overview of Black salt (kala namak)

Black salt (kala namak) is a condiment which is salty with a strong pungent smell which has several medicinal properties such as antacid, antioxidant, anti-flatulent, adaptogenic, carminative, digestive stimulant, hematogenic, and demulcent that can do wonders in improving the overall health and prevent the frequent health problem. Black salt is also known as Kala Namak, Bire noon, Rock salt, and Indian black salt. Black salt is native to Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Nepal, however; it is used across the globe in several ways. Since ages, Kala namak is used in Ayurvedic treatment for numerous health problems like constipation, joint disorders, respiratory problems, abdominal problem, heartburn, osteoporosis, acidity, flatulence, loss of appetite, and diabetes. The natural black salt without any synthetic compound is in dark reddish or pinkish color with sulfurous odor.

Black salt nutrition facts

Black salt composition depends upon the process of extraction of kala namak, however; it primarily contains the high amount of sodium chloride and impurities of sodium sulfate which has numerous health benefits. We have specified the general black salt nutrition facts underneath:

Nutrition  Quantity
Sodium 36.8%
Potassium 0.28%
Calcium 0.16%
Magnesium 0.1%

**Above mentioned facts may vary from the actual product.

Black salt benefits

Black salt (kala namak) has numerous health benefits as reported in various studies and we have specified some of the best-reported benefits underneath:

  • Constipation – Many individuals observe hard feces which leads to difficulty in clearing the bowel followed by other severe symptoms. Few studies suggest that due to the absorption of excess water from the food in the colon is considered to be the primary reason for constipation, however; black salt can stimulate the regular movement of bowel and reduce constipation. It is recommended to consume 1/2 tsp of kala namak regularly with lukewarm water
  • Indigestion – Several ayurvedic and other medicine use it as the key ingredient to improving the digestion level naturally because it is loaded with digestive stimulant properties that have shown the tremendous results. It normalizes the production of acids in the stomach and stimulates bile production in the liver which helps in improving the digestion and reduces other symptoms such as abdominal cramps, acid reflux, feeling of fullness, and  heartburn
  • Bloating – Black salt can reduce the bloating and gas problem within few dosages due to the anti-flatulent properties. You can use it to eliminate the heaviness in the abdomen after meals which can be very discomforting if not treated timely, however; regular consumption of black salt with lukewarm water after meals can reduce the bloating problem naturally
  • Respiratory problem – Few studies suggest that black salt can be used to expel the clogged nose and cure a sore throat due to the various medicinal properties, however; it is recommended to consult a specialist for the advice before using it to cure a respiratory problem
  • Heartburn – It is a burning sensation in your chest just behind the breastbone after eating the meals especially during the evening which can very discomforting, however; kala namak can balance the alkaline level in the stomach that helps in curing the heartburn problem naturally
  • Depression – You can use kala namak regularly to reduce the depression level because it helps in preserving the two hormones melatonin and serotonin that has shown tremendous results in curing depression problem

Other benefits have been mentioned underneath:

  • Control cholesterol level
  • Relieves muscle spasm
  • Control diabetes
  • Detoxifier
  • Hairfall

Black salt side effects

Black salt (kala namak) is safe and well tolerated by the individuals, however; few studies suggest the severe side effect due to overdosage or an allergic reaction after consuming it and we have specified some of the commonly reported side effects underneath:

  • Indigestion
  • Acid reflux
  • Constipation
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Heartburn
  • Burning sensation

**It is recommended to discontinue the use immediately if you observe any of above-mentioned symptoms.

Black salt uses

Black salt can be used in several ways and we have mentioned some of the best-reported use underneath:

  • Condiment
  • Salad dressing
  • Pickles
  • Culinary dishes
  • Medicines
  • Beverages
  • Soups
  • Consumed Raw

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Disclaimer: Nothing in this article is to be construed as medical advice, nor it is intended to replace the recommendations of a medical professional. For specific questions, please consult a specialist for the advice.

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