brisk walking vs jogging

The brisk walk is not strolling or even walking at a moderate pace. It’s walking faster than both but not as fast as a full run whereas jogging is an activity of running at a steady, gentle pace as a form of physical exercise. The primary aim is to do physical exertion for a better wellbeing mentally as well as physically. It is beneficial for all age groups.

Brisk Walking vs Jogging

Many research has been done to identify which one is best for us however, we have specified some of the known differences here:

  1. The brisk walk on regular basis is beneficial for diabetic patients than vigorously jogging
  2. Brisk walk is good for your heart than jogging as it may have a moderate impact on the heart when you do brisk walking
  3. Jogging burns more calories than the brisk walk
  4. Brisk walk helps you lose more weight than jogging as you tend to do physical exertion for a long time without actually getting exhausted
  5. Jogging helps in developing muscles whereas brisk walk won’t help you to build muscles
  6. Jogging is good for your respiratory system as it helps in increasing the lung’s capacity which makes a greater quantity of air to move in and out of it whereas brisk walk exert lungs at a moderate pace

Health Benefits/Precautions of Brisk walk vs Jogging

Brisk walk vs Jogging have numerous benefits on health and some of the common benefits are specified here:

  1. Make sure you eat a healthy, well-balanced diet
  2. Avoid eating right before the brisk walk or jogging
  3. Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated even if you do the brisk walk or jogging
  4. It helps in reducing the risk of cancer
  5. You can actually reduce your stress level by doing either of the ones
  6. It helps you live longer as staying fit is key for a healthy life
  7. It helps in keeping your eyes healthy too
  8. Improves sleep in postmenopausal women whether you do jogging or brisk walk at the end of the day you will have a deep sleep
  9. It helps in boosting your memory as well
  10. Wear appropriate and comfortable shoes
  11. Comfort clothing as your pores need to breath
  12. Take safety precautions such as choose the right path, avoid isolated path, avoid late night and very hot climate
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