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birch pollen allergy
Know the facts for Birch Pollen Allergy and its symptoms

Overview of Birch Pollen allergy Have you observed allergy reaction in the specific months like mid march till end of April season then you can be prone to be affected by the Birch Pollen Allergy? Don’t panic and no need to cut down the birch tree from your neighborhood as studies has shown the positive […]

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Vertigo | Symptoms | Causes | Treatment | Home Remedies

Overview of Vertigo Do you frequently feel as if your head is spinning and nauseatic then the probable reason for this situation is Vertigo. Almost 40% of older adults have faced this problem once in the lifetime as reported in the survey conducted by a known surveyor. You don’t have to panic if you observe […]

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Know the exceptionally reported facts about Migraine

Overview of Migraine Migraine is a very annoying severe problem of a recurrent headache in a throbbing or excruciating pulsating in the head. Typically, the severity of the problem varies from individuals and symptoms but it triggers around the temple area of the head, Generally, the headache caused due to a migraine last for 30 – […]

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Know the cause of diarrhea and cure for it with simple catholicon

Overview of Diarrhea Diarrhea is defined as the frequent loose or watery stools that can lead to severe discomfort and other health problem if not treated timely. The exact causes of diarrhea vary from individuals such as bacteria, virus, parasites, and other induced infection however, proper diagnose treatment is suggested to identify the root cause […]

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10 Simple catholicon to cure Thyroid problem naturally

Overview of Thyroid Thyroid is an endocrine gland in butterfly shape organ present in the front of the neck below Adam’s apple. The primary function of it is to stimulate or control the speed of your metabolism and other function of the body. It is composed of two lobes left and right however, the woman […]

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Tinnitus | Symptoms | Causes | Treatment | Natural Remedies

Overview of Tinnitus Tinnitus is a hearing problem of constant perception of abnormal sounds in the ear with no existence of external noise in reality. Several factors can lead to this situation if not treated timely such as excess ear wax, age-related hearing disorders, exposure to loud noise, abnormal growth of the ear bone, and […]

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