HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is extraordinary compared to other approaches to get fit quickly – not simply looking fit, but rather feeling fit, too. It’s an awesome exercise for burning fat, boosting endurance, toning up all over and building explosive speed and strength. In case you’re hoping to get or remain lean, HIIT exercises should appear in your routine between 1-3 times each week, contingent upon your objectives, preparing power and fitness level, or how rapidly you recoup in the middle of perspiration sessions. HIIT can work for an extensive variety of individuals. In any case, how you should practice it relies upon your fitness level. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) portrays any exercise that exchanges between extreme blasts of action and fixed periods of less-intense activity or even complete rest.

Benefits of HIIT

HIIT can be used to lose as much fat as possible while cutting, to stay lean and conditioned while adding muscle, or to improve aerobic and anaerobic endurance for performance-focused athletes. Some of the best-proven benefits are specified underneath:

  1. You can train without any equipment
  2. Shed extra pounds without losing muscle mass
  3. Boost your metabolism
  4. Helps to enhance endurance
  5. Customized training plan as per your requirement
  6. Best for cardiovascular health
  7. Challenging you mentally and physically
  8. You can do it anywhere
  9. Burn more calories than any other training program
  10. You just need 30 minutes to train HIIT

HIIT Exercise Program

You can plan HIIT exercise as per your requirement however, we have specified the best HIIT plan to get maximum benefits:

  1. Walk and Sprint
    This one is as basic as the name suggests. Typically, many people do best with a 30-second walk, trailed by a 30-second run. Repeat this around 8-10 times, and you should be feeling the burn. When you get the opportunity to sprint number 3 or 4, you will probably be feeling like a dead. Push through this period, and you’ll receive the rewards. As you advance, you can extend the number of rounds, or you can run and stroll up a lofty slope. This is a straightforward and compelling exercise to get the best results. It works equally for all ages whether you’re 15 years of age, or 50
  2. Infinite Pushups
    This one is about as fun as it sounds. You will perform 10 pushups at any given moment. Rest for 30 seconds, and afterward complete 10 more. To build the trouble, rest for 15 seconds rather than 30. In case you’re feeling extremely lively, you can chop the rest time down to 10 seconds, however, I wouldn’t suggest it, except if you truly recognize what you’re doing. You can execute the same number of rounds as you like
  3. Infinite Squats
    Everybody hates this one. Nonetheless, in case you’ve overcome enough to attempt it, you will discover exactly how valuable this exercise can be. Free squats are not unpleasant all alone. Be that as it may, when you are doing boundless rounds, and just resting 30 seconds between rounds, it isn’t so perfect. Ensure you can squat, begin with, and after that check your frame, either with an accomplice or in a mirror. Ensure you are going ‘beneath parallel’. You should do 10 repetitions, hold up 30 seconds, repeat endlessly
  4. Push and Squat
    ‘Push and Squat’ schedule. 10 pushups, trailed by 10 free squats. Rest 30 seconds, and afterward repeat. For additional difficulty, perform one pushup, followed by one squat, to the point that you get to 10 of each
  5. Sit Up and Jump
    You will perform 10 sit-ups, stand up, and perform 10 vertical jumps. Attempt and reach as high as you can each time, and also to go the distance down, each time you set up your jump. You will then rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute
  6. Infinite Burpees
    Do 10 burpees, followed by 30-60 seconds of rest, and then repeat. Stop when you think you may throw up
  7. Sprint, Push and Squat
    You’ll start by performing a 15-second sprint. From there, drop down and do 10 pushups, followed by 10 squats. Rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and then repeat
  8. Prison Workout
    Do 5 pull ups, 10 prisoner squats, and 15 pushups. Rest for 1 minute, and do it again. To increase the intensity you can do 1 pull up, 1 prisoner squats, and 1 pushup then repeat until you perform the desired repetitions
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