We learned that Tobacco is responsible for a heap of other awful diseases. Find out the hazardous effect of it on your health in this article.

What is Tobacco?

It is a product prepared from the leaves of the tobacco plant and is mostly grown in warm tropical areas like the Caribbean as it needs the warm sunny atmosphere to grow as an agriculture crop.

Effects of Consuming Tobacco on Health

  1. Hearing loss – Inhaling it may result in loss of hearing as it reduces the oxygen supply to the cochlea (a snail-shaped organ in the ear)
  2. Eyesight – Reduces the production of chemical necessary for you to be able to see at night and also, increases the risk of Cataract
  3. Cancerous – Inhaling or consuming tobacco-based products can trigger cancer such as lung, mouth, larynx, colon, and cervix because its smoke contains hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide which is considered to be very hazardous to the health
  4. Teeth – Yo may experience gingivitis and gum diseases by consuming or chewing it as toxins adversely affect the health of teeth
  5. Cardiovascular – Nicotine present in it can tighten or weaken the blood vessels which restricts the flow of blood causing heart and blood vessel related problems
  6. Asthma – Consumption of  tobacco can damage the thin hair-like structures in the airway called cilia which is responsible for cleaning the dust and mucus out of the airway to prevent lung problems such as Asthma
  7. Infertility – It directly affects the sperm count and the blockage of the fallopian tube which results in miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, infertility
  8. Menstruation – It alters the levels of testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone to trigger menstrual problems such as irregularity and painful periods
  9. Skin problems – Consumption of tobacco in any form can damage the structure of the skin tissue to cause skin acne, reddishness, and skin cancer
  10. Diabetes -You may experience insulin resistance in the body which can trigger Diabetes type 2

Health Benefits of Quitting Tobacco

“I Quit Smoking For My Heart, and The Hearts Of Those I Love” You may experience many health benefits immediately after quitting smoking. Some of the known benefits have been specified underneath:

  1. Heart Rate normalizes to reduce the risk of heart diseases such as stroke, and blockage of arteries
  2. Oxygen level in body stabilizes as you flush out the toxins from the body to normalize the function of lung
  3. Can drastically reduce the risk for cancer developing agents in the body
  4. Cilia will start to regain the normal function in the lung which reduces the risk of asthma or other lung diseases
  5. The immune system starts functioning normal and revives the loss of white blood cells

Deaths caused by consuming it is increasing on daily basis as per the recent survey held by WHO (World Health Organisation) and has documented that  7 million people each year die due to consumption of Tobacco. To control its consumption WHO is stringently following up with the countries to take extreme steps to ban its consumption.

Disclaimer: We strictly adhere to the guideline and prohibition on tobacco as per government norms. We do not encourage the use of tobacco through any content on this website.

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