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Overview of Yoga Wheel

Yoga wheel is the latest prop in the field of yoga which has got the recognition worldwide. It can be used by anyone irrespective of their age, size, weight, and height. Yoga wheel is made up of 100% recyclable material, durable, lightweight, and easy to carry. Yoga instructors are encouraging people to use it for more benefits with added support and technique. You can use it for stretching, yoga postures, flexibility, and other exercise techniques. Yoga wheel is the brainchild of Shri. Dharma Mitra a renowned yoga master since 1984. The yoga wheel is hollow, circular shaped, and is available in vibrant colors. It’s not important to use it for yoga purpose only you can use it for other purposes also moreover, professional training is not required to use it.

Benefits of Yoga Wheel

Yoga wheel has numerous benefits as reported by individuals through different mediums. We have specified the best-reported benefits underneath:

  • You can do more intense yoga postures especially backbends as it gives you the support for appropriate posture
  • It strengthens the core muscle by enhancing the muscle development and stabilize the movement
  • We all are afraid of trying different posture due to the risk of getting injured however, it enhances the stability and absorbs the shock from the sensitive body parts to prevent any injury
  • Yoga wheel will enhance the endurance by improving the body stamina and not letting body fatigue within a few poses as it will limit the performance and endurance
  •  You can use it for massages such as back massage, hamstring, core muscles, and glutes
  • It is recommended by the specialist for physiotherapy due to the support and flexibility it provides while doing backbends and another physiotherapy postures

How to use Yoga Wheel

Yoga wheel can be used to perform different yoga postures and other exercise techniques. We have specified the best common use of it underneath:

1. Child Pose – Child pose helps you relax and stretch the body muscles however, with the help of yoga wheel you can enhance the posture and its benefits.

How to use it: Firmly hold the wheel and lower the hips to the heel, forehead to the floor. Inhale and exhale, lean your torso forward using your hands to move the wheel forward and backward to have the appropriate posture and stretch

2. Reclining Easy Pose – Purpose of this posture is to relieve the tension between the shoulder blades, reduce the cough congestion and stimulate the healthy kidney function.

How to use it: Sit tall, directly in front of the yoga wheel in such a manner that you are aligned parallel to the wheel. Cross your legs in a comfortable posture to inhale and exhale with ease. Now slowly begin extending your spine on the wheel to backward and stay there for 5-10 seconds or to the comfortable time. Bring back to the starting position. It is recommended to repeat the technique 5 times for benefits

3. Forward Fold – It helps in relaxing the nerves muscles by reducing the stress levels in the body. The forward fold can be beneficial in improving digestion, stimulating the liver and kidney functions, soothe the menstrual problems and stretches the spine

How to use it: Sit on a floor mat with buttocks firmly placed on it, place the wheel under your calf muscles. Hold the wheel reaching forward to pull yourself deeper enough for stretch and posture

4. Fish Pose – Traditionally it is recommended for stretching the hip flexors and intercostals (Muscles between the ribs) however, in recent studies it has shown tremendous other benefits such as strengthens the abdomen muscles, improve the body posture, and improve the spinal flexibility.

How to use it: Lie down on the floor flat, lift your body to adjust the wheel behind your torso or in the middle of the spine. Now exhale and inhale extending your back your spine over the top of the wheel, releasing your hands to move the wheel forward and backward. Keep your glutes squeezed and quadriceps tight to balance the posture in an appropriate manner

5. Half Pyramid – It is the best technique for reducing the stress and improving the flexibility in the hamstring muscles. You can perform it to reduce the emotional stress and anxiety level due to the posture movement

How to use it: Keep one knee perpendicular(90 degrees) to the floor and keep another leg flat on the wheel behind your calf muscle. Adjust the wheel appropriately as you will be extending your body on that. Lift your front leg, rest the back of your calf against the wheel before rolling the wheel forward with your hands. Slowly extend your hands to hold  the wheel, keeping your spine straight and exhale when coming back to the starting position

Precautions for Yoga Wheel

Yoga wheel can be used in the variety of techniques, however, its always better to take precautions to avoid any injury or spasm. We have specified the common precautions underneath:

  • Always choose the right yoga wheel for yourself because it comes in different size and endurance for each individual
  • Purchase the authentic yoga wheel
  • Procure some basic technique training for appropriate postures
  • Do not use it on the soft surface like the mattress or cushioned floor mats
  • Pregnant woman should use it under supervision to avoid any complication or injury
  • Patients or senior citizens should consult a specialist for the advice and training
  • Do not use a damaged or broken wheel for training

Disclaimer: Nothing in this article is to be construed as medical advice, nor it is intended to replace the recommendations of a medical professional. For specific questions, please consult a specialist for the advice.

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