i pill side effects

Overview of I pill

I pill is a contraceptive medicine used to avoid unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. Due to modern lifestyle changes, females are more concerned about getting pregnant at the right time of life so these medicines act as emergency pills which were introduced in the late 1960s. Thus it has shown the tremendous results if used primarily to avoid pregnancy, however; few females are misusing the medicine which can lead to a severe health problem. Other major drawbacks of the medicine are the encouragement of sexual intercourse with unknown individuals and irresponsible sexual behavior which increase the risk of getting infected especially sexually transmitted disease and HIV/AIDS. Generally, it contains the synthetic hormone known as levonorgestrel which prevents the release of eggs from the ovary and reduces the chances of getting pregnant. I pill has shown positive results if taken within 24 hours of sexual intercourse, however; the medicine has the effectiveness of 90 percent and failure of up to 10 percent. So you cannot completely rely on the medicine to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Side effects of I pill side effects

Regular use of I pill can lead to severe health problem as reported in various studies. So next time if you want to avoid any unwanted pregnancy take the medicine as prescribed, however; it shouldn’t be used if not required. We have specified some of the commonly reported I pill side effects underneath:

Missed Menstruation

The regular use of I pill can stimulate the abnormal hormonal and thyroid production in the body that disrupts the normal menstruation such as low flow, heavy flow, missed periods, and Dysmenorrhea. It is recommended to seek medical advice and a pregnancy test for the confirmation.

Blood Spotting

Few females have reported frequent vaginal blood spotting during the menstrual cycle for consecutive 3 – 4 weeks which can be normalized on its own, however; you should consult a specialist for the advice as it can be a warning sign of a severe problem which needs medical attention on priority.


If you are taking the I pills in the morning then you may experience morning sickness or nausea which can be annoying. This can be avoided if you take the pills after a meal in the bedtime, however; if you still feel nauseatic all day long for 3 – 4 weeks then we recommend you to consult a specialist to avoid any further complications.

Breast Tenderness

I pill can boost the abnormal production of estrogen which changes the Breast tissues temporarily that causes tenderness such as breast enlargement, discoloration of the areola, rashes, and heavier than usual. This is generally felt for 2 – 3 weeks post using the pills. However; if you feel any lump in the breast or tenderness consecutive more than 3 weeks it is recommended to consult a specialist for the advice and proper diagnose of the problem.

Weight Gain

Have you observed any weight change after taking the pills? if yes, then it may be due to the regular use of I pills as it adversely affects the normal hormonal balance in the body that triggers the weight gain. Don’t panic as it can be controlled and stabilized by a few precautions as advised by a specialist.

Low Libido

Post taking the pills few females have reported a low desire for sexual intercourse due to various factors. This can be a temporary feeling or desire, however; it may bothersome if persist for a longer period.

Vaginal Discharge

After taking the pills you may experience unusual vaginal discharge like whitish and brownish or yellowish in color which can be observed for 2 – 3 days but if persist it is recommended to consult a specialist for the advice. It may also trigger the dryness and itching during the intercourse which can be treated by using lubricants for smooth sexual intercourse.

Mood Swings

After taking pills you may experience frequent mood changes such as anxiety, stress, aggression. and other emotional changes. So to avoid any further complications you should take precautions and stay happy as much as possible.

Other I pill side effects have been mentioned underneath:

FAQ’s for I pill side effects

We always seek answers to our common questions from the specialist, however; we have specified some of them below for your reference that will help you in getting those answers:

What is the side effect of taking I pill?

I pill has numerous side effects if used regularly or misused by the individual but it is considered to be the safest medicine if used under expert supervision.

Can a girl get pregnant even after taking I pill?

I pill has 90 percent effectiveness and up to 10 percent of failure results as reported in various studies. You cannot rely on medicine completely and enjoy the irresponsible behavior.

Can I get pregnant even after taking I pill?

Yes, you can get pregnant even after taking I pill as results vary from individuals and should not be misused.

How can I use I pill to avoid pregnancy?

Take the I pill within 24 hours to avoid pregnancy.

Can I pill be taken after 72 hours?

Yes, you can take I pill after 72 hours but chances of avoiding the pregnancy are less only up to 70 percent.  It is recommended to consult a specialist for the advice.

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Disclaimer: Nothing in this article is to be construed as medical advice, nor it is intended to replace the recommendations of a medical professional. For specific questions, please consult a specialist for the advice.

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